An unthinkable loss…

marisa tony maternity 2Marisa Brahney Muzyka and Tony Muzyka met while working for NBC in Fort Myers, Florida, and were married in 2012. In February of 2014, they were thrilled to announce to friends and family that they were expecting their first child. Like many expectant couples, they took countless photos documenting their lives during each stage of Marisa’s pregnancy. When they learned their coming child was a girl, their world exploded in pink in preparation for her arrival.

It was a healthy and happy pregnancy, with Marisa keeping in shape with prenatal fitness programs and working right up until her due date.

On 9/20, after a fast and perfectly smooth early morning labor, their beautiful little girl Charlotte Madison was born. She had immediate breathing complications and the specialists took over. After 2 hours of their best efforts, the doctors were unable to save her. Marisa and Tony lost their beloved little girl, Charlotte, just as she arrived into their arms and lives.

The heartbreak of this inconceivable loss has been so difficult to bear for Marisa and Tony, and their families. Still, the love they share for this dear little soul is compelling them to look through their impossible grief for ways to honor the memory of Charlotte Madison and support other young families.

Learn about the organizations Marisa and Tony have chosen to support in loving remembrance.


Infant Loss Awareness Day


A note from Marisa:

“Today is Infant Loss Awareness Day. Saturday will be 4 weeks since we lost our darling baby girl and we still can’t believe we are without her. Every day is so very difficult but it offers some comfort to know I am not alone in what is a very isolating sense of loss and grief. I am grateful for all of the amazingly strong mothers I have connected with already who are sharing in this incredibly painful journey. Please remember all our angel babies today and pray for strength for their parents. It is so, so hard to bear this. Mommy and Daddy love you so much Charlotte we wish you were here with us and we think about you every minute of the day.”


Look what you’ve done!

In the midst of their own impossible grief, Tony & Marisa managed to turn the attention to other parents in 1797584_10202464331519873_2486942066268970992_ncrisis – channeling their love for their daughter Charlotte Madison into an effort to help families like theirs who are in need. They have chosen to support The Tears Foundation and Michael’s Feat with memorial gifts.

Most of us can’t begin to imagine the pain of a critically ill newborn or the loss of an infant — these organizations are on the front lines of this type of tragedy every single day in our area, helping these heartbroken families who know all too well.

In less than one week’s time, family & friends have pledged nearly $4,000 to The Tears Foundation and Michael’s Feat in loving memory of Charlotte — WOW! Watching the numbers rise has been so uplifting to all during this sad time. If you have pledged, and made a donation — thank you so much for your generosity. Your gift will make a difference. Please share this site with others to spread the word.

If you are thinking about pledging but haven’t yet – read about these organizations and consider making a donation in Charlotte’s memory with our gratitude.  A gift of any size is so helpful, and so very appreciated.

And be sure to check out the beautiful images in the balloon release gallery, and leave any words of support you might wish to share with Tony & Marisa. May we never forget.